Perfect Wellness Services

Perfect Wellness Check

The idea originates from the fact that how can an individual know ‘how well he/she is?’ Can there be a scientific way to determine the ‘Wellness Score’ of an individual? Like the presence or absence of a disease is known by undergoing a ‘Preventive Health Checkup.’

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My Wellness Bliss

  • It is a week long programme , delivered for 1 hour every week. The programme would deliver services like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, ergonomics etc., which can help enhance the ‘wellness’ of a person.
  • Group lectures on stress management, time management, relationships, increasing productivity etc.

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Body Analysis & Consultation

Most advanced machine from ‘in body’ to do a comprehensive analysis of a person’s body, i.e. weight, BMI, BMR, segmental fat%, Minerals, exercise tips etc.

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Weight Management

About Weight Management
Taking into consideration the medical implications and impact on lifestyles that the weight loss treatment would entail; a personalized approach is used by our qualified professionals to chart out specific plans that combine our revolutionary I lipo & Zerona technology with diet and exercise, all undertaken under Medical Supervision.

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The idea is to use FDA approved machines like Zerona & I-lipo, which have proven track record in terms of results and are safe to use. Customer selection is done very carefully and the right equipment is suggested.

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Diet Management
Only machines can’t create magic. Proper food intake (DIET) is equally important for achieving desired results.

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Cardio Exercise
Machines would mobilize the excess fat while diet would ensure that food intake is right and is in proper quantity. But what about the fat which has been mobilized? It has to be burnt / egested out of the body and the only way to do so is exercise.

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Nutrition Management

  • Shape up diet plan
  • Stay fit diet plan
  • Low calorie Plan
  • High protein Diet
  • Low carb Diet
  • Diets for Diabetic; Hypertension; Low Cholesterol.
  • Post Eye Surgery intervention diet.
  • Post Dental Treatment intervention Diet.
  • Diet with machine based weight loss programs.

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Eye Wellness

We started our healthcare division with eye care services in 2004 under the brand name of Perfect Vision Eye Hospital.

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