Pulse Oximeter and The Vast Uses of the Machine

Medical science has evolved over the ages and developed a lot. Several machines and methods are introduced to improve the medical care services. Determining the exact diseases and examining the symptoms have been very easy with the machines. The pulse oximeter is one of the greatest contributions of medical sciences. Like the other machines and devices, this machine also has some special features, and it is being used vastly in all the medical fields and institutions.

What is pulse oximetry

Pulse oximetry is the procedure through which the oxygen saturation of the blood of a person can be measured. Through this process, a doctor or a medical person can measure the oxygen saturation in your blood quickly. Monitoring the blood oxygen saturation is essential for patients with critical diseases. The regular blood oxygen saturation monitoring of a patient who is under intensive care is highly important. So, in this kind of case, there is no other process that can give a quick and correct reading.

What is a pulse oximeter

This is a machine that performs pulse oximeters. An incredible innovation of the medical sciences that has proved its efficiency already. There is no other machine that can give a competition to this in the case of giving quick and exact ratings.

How pulse oximeter is used

This is a user-friendly machine. The machine can be used so easily, and there is no special trick to use the machine. A sensor device is placed on the thin parts of the body like a fingertip or earlobe, and after that, the device is connected to the monitor. Then we can get the proper monitoring of the oxygen saturation in our blood.

Functions of a pulse oximeter

The main function of a pulse oximeter is to determine the percentage of blood that is carrying oxygen. To be more specific, the machine detects how much percentage of the hemoglobin is loaded in the blood. Hemoglobin is the element that carries oxygen in the blood. So, the machine detects the oxygen saturation in your blood properly.

Limitations of this machine

  • Through this machine, you only get to know the oxygen saturation in the blood. But not ventilation. So you can’t tell that the machine can provide an exact measure of respiratory efficiency.
  • This machine is not a proper one that determines the exact circulatory efficiency of the blood.

These are the benefits and disadvantages of the machine. A best pulse oximeter is highly recommended for clinical uses because of its benefits. There are some limitations and disadvantages also. But overall, the machine is very much beneficial and efficient and provides a decent indication of the oxygen saturation of the blood.

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