Perfect Wellness Check

The idea originates from the fact that how can an individual know ‘how well he/she is?’ Can there be a scientific way to determine the ‘Wellness Score’ of an individual? Like the presence or absence of a disease is known by undergoing a ‘Preventive Health Checkup.’

Perfect Wellness Check

Perfect Wellness introduces this novel concept of knowing about the wellness of oneself by following a scientific method, designed by an expert team of medical & healthcare professionals. The process is as follows:

  • Comprehensive Assessment form: We have designed a comprehensive assessment form, which gets customized as per your age or gender, which you need to fill it up online. This questionnaire has many sections related to the body, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns etc.
  • Pathological tests: The Test involves Blood Sugar and Lipid Profile.

All the above steps would complete the ‘Perfect Wellness Check’ & you would be awarded with a wellness score and a comprehensive report.

The whole process doesn’t stop here; in fact this is just the stepping-stone towards becoming responsible towards your body and taking charge. Post the scores, we would work together to maintain or improve them to increase your happiness. For example, In case the body weight or BMI is more than the specified range, we can offer you our ‘Customized Weight Management Plans,’ or if you are stressed out and feel a lack of energy, we will introduce you to our exclusive ‘My Wellness Bliss’ program.

Our objective is to see improvements through these efforts and then track them again, because what can’t be measured can’t be improved. So our programme offers you a free re-check option to assess the progress made since your last score.

This amazing concept has been designed for an individual, couples and even for the children, thus making it the first ‘Family Wellness Program’ of India. So it’s time to elevate your ‘Preventive Health check-up’ routine to a level beyond, called ‘Complete Wellness’.

Benefits of this Program

  • Will help you prepare better for any future illness
  • Will provide a measurable score, which will tell you the current status & also the areas of improvement (if any).
  • More the score, more the ‘Wellness or Happiness.’
  • Family Wellness: Once the history of entire family is recorded in a scientific manner, it can give lot of indications including caution areas (if any).
  • Our program would also engage kids, which we feel is very important in today’s time. If the kids can develop an attitude towards Wellness at a younger age, then it will surely help them in the longer run.
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