Is the Induction Cooking Safe For Health?

Induction cooking is used to heat food much faster than a stove. It uses magnetic strips under the glass cooktop of the device, which heats up when electricity passes through them. According to Consumer Reports, the latest induction cooktops have reached amazing levels of achievement like boiling 6 quarts of water, perfectly simmering sauce, and the cooktop remaining relatively cool. The elements of an induction cooktop can also turn off on their own, even when you forget to turn it off. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic current or generate heat, so only items made of electromagnetic materials can be used.

Is heat harmful?

When you turn on an induction cooktop, the copper coil generates a magnetic field and passes it to the cooking vessel. The heat isn’t passed on directly. If you place your hand on an induction cooktop after some time of turning it on, you’ll see that it is cool. There’s no heat on the surface only the vessel gets heated when you place it on the cooktop, not the cooktop itself. So, there’s no chance you’ll burn your hand or any other body part by contact with an induction cooktop. If you touch the hot vessel, though, that will for sure cause a burn. Also, don’t use steel spoons to stir your food while it’s on the induction, or you’ll risk getting an electric shock. Use plastic, wooden, or melamine spoons instead.

Is exposure to magnetic fields harmful?

Some people might question whether exposure to the electromagnetic field would be harmful to their health or not. If you leave an induction cooktop on, then some amount of radiation is generated from it that can stimulate your muscles and nerves. But the amount of radiation that leaks from the cooktops is way below the threshold of the magnetic field for the human body. And as I said before, the cooktops turn themselves off when not in use, hence making induction cooktops totally safe to use. It is not only power-saving but also non-polluting and heats up very quickly.

All-in-all, using a good quality induction cooktop is as safe as punching a cotton ball. The only issue with induction cooktops is that their maintenance cost is higher than regular stoves. It’s difficult to repair an induction cooktop when it needs replacement of its magnetic strips or heating coil. But with an increase in the demand of induction cooktops, it won’t be that much of a problem to find replaceable parts for these in the future.

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