How to use a thermometer to check fever?

Do you know how to use a thermometer? If no, then you can learn with some easy and simple steps. You can buy any of the three types of thermometers available in the market. Initially, you will need to clean your hands with soap and warm water before using a thermometer. After this, you will be required to rinse thermometer in alcohol. The only clean thermometer should be used to take the temperature. You can clean it by using alcohol and then you can rinse it in warm water.

Don’t eat and drink five minutes before

Before taking the temperature, you shouldn’t eat anything before it. Make sure that there is a gap of at least 5 to 10 minutes before you take your temperature after having food. Your mouth should be closed when you take the temperature. If you check the temperature right after having food, there might be a difference in the heat.

Placing thermometer

The thermometer shouldn’t be directly placed in the mouth, but it should be under your tongue. The tip of the oral thermometer should be under your tongue. If you are using an axillary thermometer, then it will be placed under your arm. Let it rest on your tongue or underarm as per the requirement of the thermometer till you can see the temperature of your body.

Time to hold it

Keep holding the thermometer under your tongue or arm for around 40 seconds. The time might not be exact in this case, but the beep will let you know when the temperature is noted by the thermometer. Don’t take out the thermometer until it beeps; otherwise, the temperature won’t be accurate.

Check Readings

The readings on the thermometer increase during the measurement, and it will stop at your body temperature. The temperature reading is either available in Fahrenheit or Celsius. If you want to keep track of temperature, then you can record it concerning time. You can use a thermometer to check your body temperature if you think that you have caught a fever. In case, you have a stiff neck, severe headache or any other confusion; you should consult your doctor.

Rinse your thermometer again

After noting the temperature, you should keep thermometer back in the first aid box but remember to wash it with alcohol properly. The digital thermometer can catch germs easily, and at least your saliva shouldn’t be on it for a long time. So, you should use alcohol to clean it and then you use warm water to rinse alcohol. You should wash alcohol before and after using it to keep it free from germs and harmful bacteria.

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