How to Control High Blood Pressure in Minutes

Being diagnosed by blood pressure is a serious matter, one you cannot ignore. Now doubt medicines help in controlling it. But Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in long-run.

Blood pressure is the rate at which blood is pumped in our body from the heart into the arteries. It is common for BP to go up and down. But having High blood pressure consistently can result in other health issues. It mainly affects the health of one’s heart.

Few reasons that cause High blood pressure are smoking, lifestyle, stress, sleep deprivation and obesity. But fortunately, in addition to pills, there are other ways to control high blood pressure.

How to measure blood pressure?

Before we start making lifestyles changes to control high blood pressure it is important to get an accurate reading.  Visiting doctor for a regular checkup of BP is a must; BP can also be measured at home via BP machine. However, this needs to be done correctly to get an accurate reading.

  1. First, find a quiet area, make sure you are comfortable
  2. Empty your bladder before taking a reading, remove tight fitting clothes.
  3. Rest in a chair, sit straight and place your arm at heart level, use a reputed and doctor recommended machine to take a reading
  4. Do not fasten the belt too tight and also take multiple reading in one sitting to get an accurate result.

How to control High BP in minutes

Breathing: one better way to reduce high BP is following breathing technique. Take a deep breath, hold it and then release. Repeat this exercise for a better result. Breathing helps your body relax, which results in the unrestricted flow of blood throughout the body.

Hot shower: taking a 10-minute hot shower of soaking in hot water can lower the blood pressure. Again heat form hot water works similar to breathing by reduction tension in muscles.

Stress: the ultimate cause of high blood pressure is stress. When you experience an increase in BP, try and concentrate on something unrelated to your problem. Clearing your mind reduces stress and helps in lowering the BP. If any situation makes you anxious or stressed out, it is always better to walk away and revisit it when you feel better.

Natural ways to control high blood pressure

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, 4 natural methods to control BP is as follows:

Exercise: regular exercise is the best way to lower BP, exercise need not be rigorous. A 30 minutes walk or 15 jogging can help you lower your BP. Regular exercise helps in making the heart stronger and pump blood efficiently that reduces Blood pressure.

Sodium intake: studies have shown that a reduction in sodium intake can effectively reduce blood pressure.

Eating healthy: consuming potassium-rich food like banana can get rid of sodium and reduce pressure on blood vessels. Try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables rather than processed and canned food.

Manage stress: living a completely stress-free life may not be possible for everyone. But learning to manage it is the next best alternative. Reducing stress can help lower blood pressure. Listening to soft music, taking a break, cutting back on working hours, spending time outdoors are a few changes that you can make to reduce stress.

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