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Customer Speak

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I found Perfect Wellness to be perfect solution for fat deposits I had at particular region in my body. The staff was very caring and hospitable
Thank you!!

Mrs. S. Singhal

Since following Perfect Wellness, I feel more energized. My waist size has gone down over 3 inches. The support I recieved here is invaluable.
I not only learnt nutrition but also learnt how to take care of myself.
Thank you!!

Mrs. I. Chakravarthy

It was Very good expirience joining yoga clases. The first day itself following the diet, I lost 1 Kg. I felt free. Everybody was praising me seeing my record. I've almost lost 4.5Kg and increased height. Thanks to yoga sir, Nutritionist. Actually everybody and Perfect Wellness.
I would recommend people for general check up and everything related to health to Perfect Wellness.
Thank you so much !!

Ms. Yamini

I joined the centre with doubt and hesitation, but the entire deal turned out be be a pleaseant surprise.
The staff ( Abhishek and Aarti ), both are prompt and helpful. The environment is clean & nice and results are good. which is why I renewed the package !!
Thanks !!

Ms. N. Singh

Truely warm, understanding, sympathetic team you've. Especially ( Moushami and Nidhi ), they keep your flag high
Many Thanks

Mrs. S Bhutani

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the team of Perfect Wellness, who showed true support and care while I lost almost 8 Kgs in just 1 month.
Our weekly sessions helped me stay focused on my goals. The knowledge of the dietician definitely contributed to my success. I love the diverse meal plans which they provide through which I learned new nutritional factors.
To sum up I would say altogether its the best and encouraging pack. Before I forget the new technology of I-Lipo is outstanding!!!
I am healthier, happier and embraced this lifestyle change....
"Keep up the Good Work"!!!

Mrs. A. Jha

It was one fine morning when my husband tried out his favourite shirt after many days and realized he would no longer get into it. That was the turning point. We were always concerned about the increasing weight but that day he decided to do something really definite about it. I saw the ad about i-lipo program and decided to do some research on it. What I found out impressed me and we landed on the steps of perfect wellness clinic in noida. We felt really comfortable meeting the team there. Abhishek is a very sweet person and very convincing. Richa, our dietician was great in planning new menus everyday. The best thing about the center in noida is that the people who were not directly involved with our program like Aarti,dentist and the accounts person were also very friendly and encouraging. The efforts made by everybody helped my husband lose the extra weight in record time. We appreciate the reward program as it is a great incentive. My husband lost around 6 kgs and availed the maximum guaranteed refund and is on his way to get 50% of his money back.
The only drawback of the program is that the money is not refunded back to you unless the testimonial is handed over. This creates a slight bias about the testimonials. A little doubt creeps in whether the testimonials are genuine or people have written good reports so that they get their refunds. I think it is a good program and does not need the clause of money refunded only on giving testimonials.

Mr. A. Prasad

This has been by far the most luxurious way of losing "those stubborn inches". A relaxing nap after and to behold inches lost.

Ms. A. Acharya

I got treatment for crowning of tooth. It was a good experience to be here.

Mr. D. Joshi

It was a wonderful experience by having an i-lipo treatment as I notice the sudden results. Now I feel more confident and relaxed about my health. Moreover Perfect Wellness team was brilliant and specially naming Mr Abhishek Gupta,he was a perfect guide for i-lipo. In short I would recommend those people who want sudden results in short span of time.

Mr. A. Goyal

Experience with Perfect Wellness has been good so far. The sessions have helped in body contouring and inch loss. The staff is helpful and encouraging, gives advises and motivates for continuing the programme and taking it up with whole heartedness. I hope I get the results I am hoping for here with due care and medical supervision and with i-lipo.

Ms. Farah

Well writing a testimonial for the very first time for anything. Earlier I had tried a lot of weight management programmes such as aerobics,yoga,gym but instead of losing weight I had gained a lot. Here taking this weight management programme seemed a bit of risk to me initially( due to my past experiences) but now I feel lucky to find this place. I have lost around 4-5" from yummy and I am damn happy about it. Aarti and Abhishek have been really nice at guidance and treatment. Special thanks to Aarti who has been giving me the treatment from day one. I have even availed another set of session seeing the progress of my earlier sessions. Great ambience and friendly staff. One should surely avail this.
Thanks a lot!

Mr. K. Chopra

"Perfect Wellness" has given me new life"
I opted for cardio+ I-Lipo program for my weight loss. Before coming over here I was scared and tensed about the procedure, But after having a word with Mr. Praveen I got relaxed. I had joined this program since last month and within a month I lost 5 kgs.
I must say that the atmosphere and the staff over here is friendly and kind. Throughout the month I was monitored by Ms. Pallavi she was Fabulous as she had encouraged me throughout the the path of my Weight Loss.
"Perfect Wellness" has totally changed my lifestyle".

Ms. Prachi

It is more than what I have dreamt off. A person who never did exercise lost 5.6 Kgs from tummy, was a great experience. Dr. Nidhi and Dr. Moushmi were very courteous during our workout/I - Lipo sessions. It would not have been possible without them.
Thanks PW

Mr. Y. Prakash

I have very good experience with Perfect Wellness. I-Lipo is very good and safe technology to reduce weight. Wellness staff is having good experience in weight reducing technology. They are Co- operative with me regarding time. I will recommend Perfect Wellness is very good option if any one like to reduce weight

Mr. S. Patil

It gives me immense pleasure to share the experience of losing weight under consultation of Mr. Praveen Verma and dietician Pallavi Kapoor of Perfect Wellness.
I lost 5 Kgs in just one month and enjoyed the cash back offer of 50%.
This all could happen because of the Perfect Wellness team motivation and proper guidance and dietician tips from time to time. I am very happy that I joined " Perfect Wellness" for losing weight and lost 5 Kgs in one month.

Mr. S. Khurana

I have lost 5 Kgs. I am taking my money back.

Ms. Sangeeta

My experience with Perfect Wellness was PERFECT. The staff out here is very helpful and courteous. The one thing which I learnt is your diet is the key factor for weight loss. Praveen has been wonderful and has been always re accommodated me despite of the last minute changes. Three cheers for him...
A must recommend for speedy weight loss.

Mr. S. Yadav

Came with the sense of impending doom was clocked at 133.20 Kgs. Done this, tried that nothing worked. BEfore and then tried I-Lipo and it worked. In one month went down to 122.7 Kgs.
Total Loss - 10.5 Kgs
Inches loss 5 inches on waist.
Hope this is new beginning for me

Mr. S. Singh

The experience was good. The exercises which my instructor (Suchi) taught me were effective. Meditation and stretching exercises were very effective as they made my body fit. It was good experience with perfect wellness. And i learned how to maintain my health as the instructor gave me a good diet schedule for my day.
So, overall the experience was wonderful.

Mr. Navneet

It was a very pleasant experience getting treatment from perfect wellness. I am really very surprised to get the refund to my astonishment I was rewarded for the efforts and motivation i brought,instantly by perfect wellness on achieving prescribed targets of weight lose. At the end of one month not only I feel my self very energetic & positive but Also I want to bring difference in attitude of my friends who suffers from over weight.
Thanks perfect wellness for getting me till here.
Good luck
Good wishes

Mr. A. Arora

A healthy & a great looking body is definitely the secret to the confident you. Millions of people them out the would have improved their lives using the stay Fat classic. I am one of them , but I could not have achieved it without the help of you ! Perfect Wellness........
Regarded as one of the greatest exports in staying fit. Perfect wellness has helped me to stay healthy, Manage my weight & look great. An of this has further helped me to greater happiness & peace of mind.
Perfect wellness given you workable methods, not empty promises. You have given me a planned programme to live on the right my work, family & social life. You have proved that it does not take rocket science on great intellect to lose weight however, You do need the
Thank you guys !!!

Ms. P. Snaghvi

I started my session for I-Lipo and after 4 Session I left for a holiday where I put back everything I had lost. When I came back. I was sorrowed and wanted to shred off everything asap. So that I don't get discouraged. Maushami came to my resue an dgave me an amazing one weak diet where I ate to my fullest and yet shred off 3kgs. I am new back on track with all enthusiasm to continue the session. Thanks Maushmi for not letting me give up and giving such a good plan.

Ms. A. Jindal

I have been struggling with my weight for the last five years. I was overweight and my body was in bad shape. Whenever I went to shop for new clothes nothing fit me and the fat in my body used to show and I used to feel embarrassed. I took the plunge one five days in May 2013 and enrolled with "Perfect Wellness". Moushami, the centre Manager understood my lifestyle and put me into a fitness plan and a diet plan. She took my worries away and as a result I lost weight by 8 kg and look younger as If I am in my teenage years. Mr. Santosh, My therapist guided me in my lessons and encouraged me all the way . He was like a god sent angel.
Thank You "Perfect Wellness"....... I am born again.

MR. H. Sandhu

Right from the start, The whole team manly Nidhi & Moushami impressed me with their efficient and professional manner. Their approach not only inspired the confidence but motivated me further to put more dedicated effort. There flexibility on helping and there effort to go that extra The treatment was absolutely safe and there were absolutely no side effects to that. I was able to reduce 4.8 inches in a proved & one month and that too without going in starvation mode. I would like to thanks everyone for the state of art facility provided by the centre.

Ms. Deepthi

I had a wonderful experience at Perfect Wellness. I frankly did not expect to loose much. But loosing 2 and 1/2 inches in five session left me aghast. I guess it works. Just need to keep eating right and exercising regularly - will help me maintain What I am now. "Right"

Ms. T. Keene

This message is intended for all those people, who feel that wellness and its related benefits not just help them look good and feel good, but make them be perceived as holistically developed complete people. I chanced upon Perfect Wellness Clinics with a flyer that came along with my newspapers one fine morning not too long back.The flyer in itself was nothing out of the ordinary from most flyers that promise the earth in relatively short periods of time. This one was no different from the rest. But I got curious and decided to pay the clinic a visit.Thank heavens I did !! The atmosphere in the Greater Kailash - 1 wellness centre was altogether sublime and calming. I loved the serenity of the place and it looked to me in one go that the people here were trained to impart serious business. I was right.
Dr. Aditi, the Centre Manager, was attention personified. She took a great deal of time going through my case history of marginal obesity, and her assessment of my body composition and metabolism, was as accurate as it could have possibly gotten. She went through the entire treatment process with me, and I then, really began to understand the scientific approach they were adopting individually to cater to different people - a process a lot of clinics only generalise. I understood clearly about the different treatment practices followed by Perfect Wellness and I suddenly began to believe that I had at last found a place that I could trust with my eyes closed, something I can't say with clinics mushrooming all over the neighbourhood. Dr. Aditi knows her stuff ! I am here and I know I am in the best hands. Her staff is courteous, extremely knowledgeable and they are able to provide me with a much needed feel-good factor. I am glad I took the decision to be a part of their Wellness program. I am responding extremely well to the weight loss and body contouring schedule. Why am I not surprised ? Dr. Aditi ... and her staff ... They absolutely ROCK !!
Cheers and God Bless

Ms. R. Ahluwalia

मौशामी, निधि और सभी का सहयोग प्रशंसनीय है
संतोष जी से योगा सीखने का नया, और बहुत ही अच्छा अनुभव रहा
सबसे विशेष बात शरीरिक इम्मत के साथ - साथ मानसिक बल भी मिला
संतोष जी बहुत ही समझदार गुरु है वे सकारात्मक सोच रखते है
वे शिष्य गुरु की परम्परा आज के युग में बनाने में सक्ष्म है

श्रीमती छ गर्ग

I Started With my dad’s Consultation & found out that the doctor & staff members are very good with their job and very much polite and cordial. Finding out this kind of environment with state of art technologies and excellent service, I got my wife, both children and myself enroll for the treatment. Thank you very much

Mr. B. Chhetry

I am very thankful to Rahul that he introduced me to perfect wellness and Maushami. I have lost about 6 kgs in 3 month & never felt the pain of losing the weight. It was in fact fun as the diet plan given was with a lots of variety & that was the best part for a veg, it was a welcome change to move away from the standard staple diet and Maushami ensured that I never got bored of any particular item. all in all a great place, great staff & they make being healthy enjoyable. Thanks a lot to the ‘perfect wellness’ team.

Mr. M.Mansukhani

At perfect wellness (Malviya Nagar) has been a very satisfying experience for me. All the people Dr. Vivek, Ms.Suchi, Ms. Tanya, all have very caring, supportive, warm and true professionals. They have giving me what I expected from the center & the brand. I have reduced as desired, & the team has phenomenal. Keep up the good work. Yoga classes has been really fruitful as well within my sessions. Love you all… Thank you once again for all your help, diets, concerns everything.

Ms. R. Mittal

A sincere thanks for having taught us the basic practice of health work is indeed a pleasure each time to learn something basic and yet to helpful. Believe that myself as well as the entire team has very ‘Positive” to take back with than from the session conducted by you.Another feather in the crown of project team’s endeavor to achieve IIF

Ms. S. Pareva

Overall I am happy to lose 5 kgs in 1 month time. All thanks to perfect wellness and the support doctors for motivating and guiding me to achieve the greatest happiness of my life. I-lipo is very effective . The cardio plan and the nutrition diet plan is equally good, once again thanks to Pallavi and Surbhi for imparting all their expertise and helping me achieve this goal of losing "5 kgs".

Mr. A Kumar

I have been coming to the gurgaon center of perfect wellness since end of July and have already seen a huge improvement in myself, with the diet plan and working out regularly with the excellent guidance and help of the staff here – Mausani and Santosh. Santosh has been excellent in doing yoga and floor exercise with me, which have been very helpful. I intend to start my I-lipo sessions this week onwards. Hence already lost 3 kgs since I enrolled. Thanks for all you help and keep up the good work !.

Mr. D Gupta

My experience was pleasant and the support and encouragement provided by Nidhi was tremendous. Thanks.

Ms. Gori

The service was good. Especially Nidhi and Mausani really motivated me. I tried my best but managed to lose little. Thanks for helping me. It was nice to know your staff. Thanking you.

Ms. M Chopra

Great team, highly dedicated and concerned. you actually feel like working on your health because of these guys, I lost 3 kgs and 3 inches in just 15 days. Thanks guys.

Mr. M Dutt

1 .Good service
2. Good staff
Experience was good, really satisfied with the service.

Ms. Priya

I have been taking yoga lessons from Santosh for last 3 months. I have learnt and enjoyed in the process. He is a cheerful trainer and it has been fun and very useful to learn from guru Santosh. I can recommend him strongly.

Mr. S.B. Budhirata

The end of every line is the beginning of a new one. This is yet not the end. I choose to stay on. Today, I am 3 inches slimmer and 3 kilos lighter, but more than that, lighter in my mind & heavier in my confidence. Thanks a lot to Nidhi & Mausani for their guidance, reprimanding looks and a lot of support in making this happen. Aptly named, this is the route to ‘Perfect Wellness’ Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Best wishes for greater successes.

Ms. S Singh

To Perfect Wellness,
It is more than what I have dreamt off. A person, who never did exercise, lost 5.6 kgs and approx. 5 inch from tummy, was a great experience. Dr Nidhi & Dr Mausami were very courteous and helpful during our workout / I-Lipo session. It would not have been possible without them. I thanks PW.

Mr. Rohit Chaturvedi

It was a great experience with Perfect Wellness, Gurgaon. I loosed 6.3 kg & 4.3 inch in a month all the staff was very good, co-operative & helpful. Thanks to Dr. Mausmi, Dr. Nidhi and Mr. Praveen. I got 50% money back reward from Perfect Wellness.

Mr. A Saini

Came with a sense of impending doom was clocked at a meager - 133.20 Kgs!!!
Done this, tried that nothing worked before and then tired I-LIPO, and it worked. In one month went down to 122.7 Kgs
Total Loss = 10.5 Kgs
Inches Loss = 5 inches on the waist
Hope this is a New Beginning for me.

Mr. S Singh

When I First Came to Perfect wellness at its Malviya Nagar Center, I was somewhat in doubt because previously I had the exceptional experience of the main center in Faridabad. But after a month, I feel even more satisfied by the overall experience. Frankly, the Malviya Nagar center beats even the main center in terms of customer service.
I would specially thank Dr. Vivek, Arvind & other team member of the Dental team. Keep doing the good work !!

Thanks Again

Mr. V Dixit

Amazing treatment this is!!! We line so casually without knowing how much muscle is lying in our body and how much fat we are carrying within ourselves. This is the place where I come to know how harmful fat weight (if in excess) and more see how difficult it is to reduce fat weight that too while increasing the muscle weight which is so precious for our health. Here I lost 13 fair KGS of fat and an feeling so light and fit after losing. Feeling so healthy. The staff is so polite Dr. Rajeev is so learned, Dr. Geeta is so polite
Arti & karishma is very sweet and the rest of the staff is well-trained. Thanks to Dr. Vivek, due to whom I am here!!!

Mrs. Jaimala

Great experiences at perfect wellness, Malviya nagar shedding weight and lot of inches too!! (Even though, I check out on weekends). Team of doctor is excellent there are professional as well as friendly now this center is like a family to me. I don’t understand how I will feel when I will be leaving all!!! Great! Great! Great!
Well done. & Thanks

Mrs. R Das

I much appreciate the dedication, devotion & professionalism with which you have handled my weight management. It was done in the best nature way with no side effects & without disturbing my daily routine or travel schedule. I feel much lighter & better now & confident that right food is going in my body. Thanks a lot for Heavenly feeling of wellness.
Wishing you all the very best

Mr. D Mehndiratta

I would like to share an opportunity have to express my feelings & share my experiences here of perfect wellness. I have joined a member of gyms previously but I have found this one is best. The infrastructure is really good and co-coordinative. The name “perfect” itself describes its perfectness; however there are people who are struggling hard to maintain its perfectness. Dr. Rajiv & Dr. Sarita are really contributing a lot to the clinic, working very hard for this business. They two are the only reason to sustain with P.W. Without these two doctors, P.W looks incomplete. Dr. Rajiv is the essence of the clinic. I am also referring others to join this P.W.

Mrs. B Kochar

What would you say to someone who makes you loose 5kgs in 5 weeks with genuine concern and warmth. I would call them the team at ‘Perfect Wellness’ Gurgaon.
From being careless about my life style to being careful, I cannot thank then enough for the change. They have brought in me. I joined them two months ago for the ‘Nutrition + cardine’ program. Moushami’s constant suggestions my diet & nidhi’s pull to burn, ought to results in ‘ TARGET Achieved’.
It has been wonderful is associate with you guys & improve myself.

Mrs. S Rawat

My experience in Perfect Wellness has been very satisfactory. The staff Dr. Rajiv, Geeta and kanshna so out of their way to help & make you feel comfortable & secure about using machines.

Wish you well in this project.

Mrs. N Narula

My experI am having a really good and satisfactory time in perfect wellness. Staff has complete and complete scientific knowledge of all the machines and how to loose fat fast. Staff is really friendly and flexible.

I would suggest my friends or family members to join it.

Mr. M Mishra

Perfect Wellness has been a perfect solution for our dental problems.The treatment given at Malviya Nagar center has been excellent and Dr. Gandhi has been the best we have gone to. He has befriended my children and they swear by him and his advice. He has helped them be conscious of oral hygiene.The staff is very helpful and friendly and make our visit pleasant. Thank you, Perfect Wellness Team!

Mrs. M Dua

I would like to thank and congratulate all the staff for their professional care during my extensive dental care work over a two-week period. It is relevant to acknowledge Dr. Sumit for my Root Canal work, Dr. Sunny for my first seven PFM crowns, Dr. Puneet for my remaining 6 PFM crowns (13 in total). Dr. Pulkit for the whitening treatment and Mr. Praveen for dental arrangements and time assurances. As an Australian patient having experienced extremely high standards, I can recommend the Perfect Wellness Center and its team to anybody requiring the services offered. I am totally satisfied with my results and am without sensitivities or any side effects.Once again, thank you very much.

Mr. A Dellisola, Melbourne, Australia

Excellent showroom, very aesthetic and well kept. Very hospitable staff and satisfying services.The doctors are very competent and one feels in safe, reliable and competent hands. Wish you good luck for the future and you'll definitely do well. Very happy experience and will come again.

Mrs. P Raizada

Keep up the good work. Your services have been excellent. I have rarely found such competent doctors and staff!

Mr. M Singh

The services are good; the equipments are so clean and hygienic.

Mr. M Bobhal

I have no further suggestions for you as everything is already perfect!

Mr. P Sharma

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