Corporate Wellness

Risk assessments are an integral element of good health and safety management within the workplace. The Health Risk assessment is a systematic approach to collecting information from individuals that identifies risk factors, provides individualized feedback, and links the person with at least one intervention to promote health, sustain function and/or prevent disease. With the aim of assisting organizations help achieve their health targets, Perfect Wellness is introducing a proprietary tool “The Perfect Wellness Check” for Health Risk Assessment. The program is based on projection of mortality and disease burden due to risk factors as reflected by WHO. It is a quick and easy way of knowing one’s state of being.

We all know that a healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

Corporate Wellness
Perfect Wellness Check

Perfect Wellness introduces this novel concept of knowing about the wellness of oneself by following a scientific method, designed by an expert team of medical and healthcare professionals. It’s a programme for an individual and whole family as well. The process is as follows:

Assessment Form

Comprehensive Assessment Form: We have designed a comprehensive assessment form that is customized as per your age or gender. All you need to do is fill it up online. This questionnaire has many sections related to the body, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns.

Pathalogical Test: The test involves blood sugar and lipid profile.

Nutrition Management
Nutrition Management

Our body is clearly the output of our inputs i.e. the food that we consume. With plethora of choices flooding the markets today, it also gives rise to confusion in making the right decision. WE, at Perfect wellness, have expert team of nutritionists who understand these complications & are out there to help you make a healthy and right decision.

Low Calorie Plan/High Protein Diet/Low Carbs Diet/

Diets for Diabetic/Hypertension and Low Cholesterol/

Weight Loss programme Diet

Body Composition Analysis
Body Analyzer

We have installed state of the art ‘Body Analyzer’ from GE Healthcare. This amazing equipment can give you a health and fitness assessment in just 30 seconds.

The report so generated from it will provide:

Total Body Water/Basal Metabolic Rate/Dry Lean Mass

Mass BMI/Percentage of Body Fat/Segment Lean Analysis

Lean Body Mass/Weight/Skeletal Muscle Mass/Body Fat

Obesity Management
iLipo Weight Management

Wellness is about treasuring the gift of life you have received. Why do you burden your life with unwanted weight? The Weight Loss Services at Perfect Wellness are provided to address individual needs for weight management. With our revolutionary technology and services, we promise that the only thing you will gain in life is the unwanted weight.

Machines: We use US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved machines like I-Lipo and Zerona for delivering weight loss treatment.

Diet Management: We just don’t rely on machines, but also take care of your food intake by managing your diet, which is best suited to your body.

Cardio Exercise: Machines mobilizes the excess fat, while diet ensures that food intake is right and is in proper quantity. But what about the fat which has been mobilized? For that, we will put you through cardio exercises that burn the excessive fat out of your body.


The internationally acclaimed art of Yoga, now at you organizational doorsteps to help increase fitness of heart, body, mind, and soul.
Personalized Sessions on Yoga for:


Cholesterol Reduction/Relaxation/Concentration/

Meditation/Exercising Tips

Workshop and Seminars
Workshop and Seminars

Our team of experts will come over to your corporate premises to deliver workshops and seminars.

WORKSHOPS ON: Nutrition/Lifestyle Management/Relationship Management/Stress Handing/

Work-Life Balance/Increasing Productivity

SEMINARS ON: Eye Care/Dental Care/Weight Management

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