Are microwaves bad for your health?

Microwave involves cooking food at a high temperature in a less amount of time by radiofrequency (RF) radiation. In America, every home has a microwave. It is very convenient to cook. In spite of the excellent safety record and quick preparation of food, some have hesitations on using microwave ovens. Let us discuss whether cooking with microwaves are bad for your health or not.

How does microwave cooking works?

The microwave cooks food with the waves of energy, which are similar to radio waves, but these are shorter. The waves primarily affect water and molecules. Microwave causes these molecules to vibrate and rapidly form up the heat energy.

Are microwave foods safe for consumption?

When food is heated in the microwave or regular oven, few nutrients always breaks down. As the microwave cooking time is shorter, it preserves vitamin C and nutrients that break down while heating.

Do microwaves destroy nutrients in food?

The best way to retain the nutrients in food is to cook quickly, heats in less time, and uses less water to cook. The microwave meets up all these standards. The microwave oven cooks food quickly and heats up in less time. It also uses little liquid for steaming. This way of cooking helps to preserve vitamins and minerals compared to other cooking methods. It clearly shows that the microwave foods are healthy.

Do Microwaves make your food radioactive?

There is a confusion that microwaves make your food radioactive and release dangerous radiation, which causes the risk of cancer. Some type of radiation is healthy (for example, sunlight) whereas, some are not (for example, cellphones, nuclear bombs) depending on the size and frequency. Microwave ovens use a kind of radiation called microwaves, which is also emitted from mobile phone towers and satellites. Therefore, the food cooked in the microwave is not dangerous.

Do plastic container in microwave releases toxic chemicals?

The plastic container that is heated repeatedly in the microwave can slightly release chemicals. But they are not in the amount to worry. If you are concerned about this, you can change your plastic container every few months.

Cautious while using microwave 

Avoid heating breast milk/formula in the microwave: It is not recommended to heat breast milk or baby formula in the microwave. The reason is, the heat produced inside the microwave will be uneven, and the food remains hot even when the container is cool.

No to plastic: if you warp your food in plastic containers, the chemicals from the container may leak into your food on using repeatedly. You can change your container every few months to avoid leakage.

Read labels on food while buying: While purchasing food, read on the labels as they contain preservatives and sodium in a large amount. When this food is heated in it, the chemicals may be formed and absorbed in your food. This might also cause cancer.

Defrost your food only on the defrost setting: When you defrost your food, ensure you have set the settings to defrost.

Few people think that microwaved food is bad for health. But the reality is, microwaving is a quick, safe, and convenient way to heat the food. It does not kill the nutrients in your food. Always choose a trusted brand microwave oven that follows all the necessary guidelines.

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