5 Signs You Need to see a Gastroenterologist

Regular check-ups often don’t reveal the ultimate reason for many of the sudden diseases. A general physician might not be able to understand the underlying cause for the pain in the upper right abdomen or the heaviness in the lower left abdomen after a meal. To make sure you don’t end up delaying and ignoring your health, in this article, we have listed down 5 Signs You Need to See a Gastroenterologist. It is recommended to not delay the visit as a good Gastroenterologist can help in identifying and solving the problem at the earliest.

Some of the tell-tale signs that you need to pay a visit to the GI are:

Unhealthy food: Often the increasing temperature, daily rigor, and unhealthy food can lead to a soft tummy. In case an over the counter medications don’t work well to make the bowel movement normal, it is recommended to pay a visit to the doctor. If the visit is not made in time, it may lead to other irritable diseases, later on

GERD: One of the major causes of the burning sensation in your chest after you eat your meal could be GERD. Though the reasons for the same can be many, it is suggested that a thorough checkup of your gut will ensure you follow a routine diet, which helps in keeping the GERD in check

Gallstones: One of the major causes of the needle like pain in the abdomen is the gallstones. We keep on ignoring it as if it can be rectified. We use homeopathy, ayurvedic and different sorts of medicines, yet we shy away from going to a Gastroenterologist. It is recommended to visit a GI at the first place, else the situation could turn out to be a lot worse. Dr. Sanjay Choudhary is an eminent Gastroenterologist hailing from Dubai. He is available for his patients at Koda International Hospital, Dubai and he is well known for his work as a Gastroenterologist and bariatric surgeon.

Don’t ignore the burn in the belly: Having the ulcer can be the really painful thing which you can tolerate. If you have stopped taking your favorite snack in the fear of the burning sensation in the stomach, it is suggested you visit a Gastroenterologist to get yourself checked for ulcer

Abnormality in stool: Any abnormality in stool must be reported to the Gastroenterologist, hands down. Any form of blood or change in the color must be reported, at earliest.

You should not delay the visit to the Gastroenterologist since it can lead to serious issues in the later stages. At the earliest, you must make a move and refer to a Gastroenterologist to get the best cure possible.

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